Nancy Osborne is a popular entertainer, who uses her unique acting and singing talents on both stage and screen. Her special combination of musical talent and dynamic personality has sparked many memorable performances in venues of all sizes, all over the United States.


Her latest CD, Hot Swing and Cool Jazz, was recorded with a 17-piece band made up of California’s top-ranked musicians. Noted jazz author and critic, Floyd Levin, was moved to write, “Nancy Osborne belongs among the most significant artists in her field and deserves a prominent role in concert halls and festivals where jazz is presented around the world.” Mr. Levin says of Nancy’s live performance, “Nancy’s confident interpretation of each number is a definitive example of how to sing a beautiful song.”


Whether it be in jazz, swing, novelty, or the intimacy of the soft romantic ballads, Nancy Osborne is a crowd pleaser for any audience.


Hailing from Maysville, Kentucky (also the same hometown as Rosemary Clooney) Nancy started her professional career at 17 singing with The Young Americans. She then toured nationwide in productions of Lil’ Abner, Cabaret, Gypsy and My Fair Lady. For many years, Nancy worked with Walt Disney Productions, performing with The Kids of the Kingdom, and as the famous “Slue Foot Sue” in the popular Golden Horseshoe Review.


Nancy is in demand! Her credits include being an official member of The Chordettes, (known for such hits as “Mister Sandman”, “Lollipop” and “Never On A Sunday”) as well as being featured with such bands as Nelson Riddle’s Orchestra, Randy Van Horn, and regularly singing with Geo Valle’s Swing City Big Band. Performing with Johnny Vana’s Big Band Alumni, Nancy has contributed to three CD’s and their DVD of their Live From Las Vegas.


Nancy’s New York cabaret act “Birds Of A Feather” received rave reviews in October of 2005, and resulted in receiving an invitation to be one of the opening acts in the 2006 National Cabaret Convention in Chicago at the Palmer House’s Empire Room – available in limited quantities on DVD.


Some of Nancy’s television highlights are: ER, General Hospital, Bob Newhart and 3 commercial’s with Martha Stewart. Her film career boasts the blockbusters; Apollo 13, Independence Day and with Sandra Bullock in Murder By Numbers.



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Reviews of Nancy and her debut CD - "Hot Swing, Cool Jazz"


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Hot Swing, Cool Jazz, is one of those albums you can listen to time after time. Nancy Osborne has a great voice and the songs on the album are simply wonderful.

- Bruce Von Stiers, BVS Reviews



I'd suggest that this is an excellent choice for aficionados of big band music in a contemporary setting.

- Michael P. Gladstone, All About Jazz




Her years as lead vocalist for both the Nelson Riddle and Tex Beneke Orchestras have obviously taught Nancy Osborne a lot about making a song-listener friendly, and she applies her knowledge to the 16 tracks on "Hot Swing, Cool Jazz" for irresistibly entertaining results.

-Jeff Rossen, After Dark,

Arts & Entertainment Magazine



It sounds like much more than a debut recording as she sings with an abundance of confidence.

Performing w/The Nelson Riddle Orchestra                                                      - D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place



Nancy Osborne seems to have that rare ability to make each song her own. Each offering sounds fresh and sparkling. And she really seems to enjoy what she's doing. Her enthusiasm is soooo infectious. As I said before, this set has a song for any and every mood and I bet that once you come to track 16, you'll be swinging....To paraphrase Cole Porter, Nancy Osborne, you're de-lightful, you're de-licious, you're de-lirious, YOU'RE DE-LOVELY.

- Hadley Tituss, Jazz Rendezvous



"Hot Swing, Cool Jazz" is one of the best all-around albums of this sort of music that I know of. Nancy sounds great and I hear places in her voice that I have never heard her use...My hat is off to all involved. In the best possible way "Hot Swing, Cool Jazz" shows everybody exactly how good Nancy Osborne is at what she does. So, from this reviewer, 5 stars, I love it.

- Will Jennings, Grammy & Academy Award Winning Songwriter




Hot, Hot, Hot, Cool, Cool, Cool, and Swing, Swing, Swing...Nancy Osborne has the right ingredients that add up to spicy textures, on target pitch and just pure fun. So many release in jazz spend an absorbent amount of time trying to be complex, over-thought out and so technical that the general populous cannot begin to understand the message. Osborne's message is loud and clear on "Hot Swing, Cool Jazz". You feel your whole body becoming a part of the experience. Not only is Osborne infectious but her vocal delivery is superbly rich in tone and delivery. Osborne is back by a plethora of seasoned professionals that make this recipe "De-Lovely".                                                                     performing w/ Bill A Jones (above)

- Constance Tucker, All About Vocals                                               



Much of the program centers on these band arrangements which highlight Osborne's voice so well. Osborne's enthusiasm spreads all over the room and brings a positive glow to songs such as "All That Jazz", "Georgia On My Mind", "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead". Osborne makes each selection stand out and closes the album with a strong finish on "As Long As I'm Singing" with a swinging manner and a cool texture.

- Jim Santella, LA Jazz Scene


...What do I mean by vocally smiling? Adding little nuances such as laughing while singing, playful glissandos at the beginning and end of phrases, vocal growls and an overtone of someone singing while smiling, one knows when talking to someone on the phone if the other person is talking while smiling, and one gets that same message throughout the CD while listening to Osborne sing.

- H. Allen Williams, Jazzreview


A big band and a swinging singer are the ingredients for a super album, and here it is for you to enjoy, from steamy ballads to up tempo rockers...So, for a hot and cool treat, this album will do the trick for you connoisseurs of swinging jazz.

- John Gilbert, EJazz News - 5 Stars



If you're not old enough to have experienced the "big band with a gal singer" era, this will give you an idea of what it was all about.

- George Fendel, Jazzscene




She's a talented entertainer with a gifted voice. Groove with a strong cocktail to this vocal jazz number with boisterous swing numbers abound!

- J. Sin, Smother Magazine




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