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Class starts this Wednesday April 8, 2020 at 12:00pm PST, followed by class on Friday and will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until further notice.



A Zoom CLASS of ONE HOUR - LOW IMPACT - CHAIR EXERCISE by multi-talented Nancy Osborne: Fun, Cardio, Stretching, Movement, Strengthening, Meditation and Sing along!



Sporty Girls




607 712 089

Password: 220424


S t u d e n t s    F e e d b a c k

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Nancy’s Chair class Accessories Needed


1. Zoom App. it is free!


2. A sturdy Chair


3. Comfortable clothing and tennis shoes,

not sandals…

but I wont see what you have on so you are on your own!


4. Light hand weights,

I happen to have 3 ib weights but you can use 2, 12 oz cans of food or if that is too heavy, use two cans of tuna. 2 cans of beer… whatever is your fancy that you can easily hold in your handsbut not for eating and drinking during class!!


5. Exercise band or tubing,

This can be a long piece of elastic, or an old stretchy belt

or I discovered old pantyhose make a great stretch band.


6. Water,

we will be drinking water throughout the class.


7. Ball,

This can be a 8 inch ball full of air not weighted, you can hold in your hands, or a yoga brick or a thick book... about 3 inches thick and about  8 inches long and 5 inches wide.



There is currently no charge for the classes but I am accepting donations to my PayPal account.



Since my Gyms and Entertainment Venues have closed, I am trying to reinvent the wheel!! Your donations are greatly appreciated! It will make me so happy to be able to help you all get your bodies moving! Remember, exercising puts positive endorphins in your body and we sure need something positive in our lives right now!

Glamourcise, one hour - low Impact - chair exercise, a Zoom Class by Nancy Osborne, Jazz Singer and Entertainer


"Please feel free to invite your friends!!"


Students Feedback

"I was in your class this morning. I was on zoom and could see you but I don't have a camera so you could not see me. It felt really good to exercise. It did a lot for my depressed state. Hank and I have just been taking walks during the day. Maybe I can get him to do the class with me. I look forward to being in class on Friday. Thank you so much!" - Laurie A.

"This class was fabulous. The first time I have broken a sweat in weeks!! And the fact that you know there are people doing this with you live, keeps you motivated." - Rina S., New York, NY

"Nancy Osborne is the ultimate exercise instructor: she knows her stuff, she is charismatic, sincerely cares about each student & inspires us to be our healthy & best-toned selves!" - J.

"Nancy moves you in areas that you haven't moves in a long time! She keeps you young! Join the classes!" - Dr. Rita Goldman


Please try to move the pictures freely with your mouse. You can as well enlarge one in particular by simply dragging the corners or double-click will open it up in a pop-up. Enjoy!

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